eBay Integration with OFBiz / Opentaps – Part 2


This blog gives a brief of eBay Store Component in OFBiz/Opentaps, talks of how to set-up an eBay Store and also briefs the ways to create promotional sales, set-up free shipping, listing product variants and the corresponding limitations.

I. eBay Store

eBay Stores help sellers maximize their business on eBay and the Internet. With an eBay Store, you can display all your listings—regardless of format—in one convenient location. You can create and personalize your own eBay Store with a unique web address. Your monthly fee gives you access to eBay Stores tools that you can use to build, manage, promote, and track your business.It helps you showcase all of your merchandise in one
location, an eBay Store creates a central shopping destination where buyers can learn more
about you, your products, and your policies.

a) Setting up a Sandbox eBay Store

i. Set Up PayPal Sandbox Account
Register at PayPal developers Site, Once you are registered and logged-in, You
should see :

Use “Create a preconfigured Account” to create two test Accounts , a Business test account to represent yourself as the seller and a Personal test account to represent buyer. Seller’s account needs to be a premier or business account to accept payments.

ii. Link your PayPal Sandbox account to your eBay Sandbox account.For this you
shall go to Account > PayPal Account and click on “Link My PayPal Account” ,
System navigate you to a PayPal login page where you shall login with the seller
test account as created in in the previous step,System navigates you back to eBay.

iii. Click the Open an eBay Store link in the upper right-hand corner of the stores page, click on “Open a Store”. There are three levels of Subscription,The details and the fee for the same could be found out here.

b) eBay Store Component in OFBiz/Opentaps
Helps you keep sync with your online eBay Store. You can list products from your
OFBiz/Opentaps Store over your eBay store in different ways. You can create a Sale
under which you offer discount in terms of amount or percentage of the total amount or
you can mark it to be shipped for free through a shipping service of your choice.
You can list products as Auction Style listings or Fixed Price. An Auction Style Listing
can be listed for a duration of your choice, whereas for a Fixed Price Listing, a
Listing Duration Type Code is defined. A test (sandbox) store created by us could be observed in the snap as under :

II. Product Variants

eBay also supports variations in products but only on Fixed Price Listings. With
an AddFixedPriceItem call, you can list variants. At this time you can create listings with
variations in:

• Baby
• Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
• Crafts
• Health & Beauty
• Home & Garden (most sub-categories)
• Jewelry & Watches
• Pet Supplies
• Sporting Goods

eBay supports up to 5 variation details with up to 30 values for each.
Example: If you’re selling shoes, you can have up to 5 different variation details—for instance, Color, Size, Width, Material, and Style. For each variation detail, you can have up

to 30 different values. In this example, you could offer up to 30 different colors, 30 sizes, 30 widths, 30 types of material, and 30 styles.

So basically you could list upto 150 variants of a virtual.
With Item Specifics , you can specify the characteristics that apply to all the items in your
listing.Furthere details on posting variants on eBay could be found here. A sample Variant
created by us on our test eBay Store could be observed as under :

III. Free Shipping

There are two ways to ship items for free, by creating a Promotional Sale or using the
setting Free Shipping to true in Shipping Service Options while making an AddItem (for auction style listings) or an AddFixedPriceItem call.

IV. Promotional Sales

You can create sales that are seasonal, for specific holidays, for specific categories, or just to clear out inventory. Fixed price listings can be discounted by a percentage amount or
discounted by a specific monetary amount.Price sales can’t be applied to auction
style listings. However, you can select a free shipping discount for any listing, including fixed price and auction-style listings.Auction and auction/BIN format listings can include only free shipping as a promotional discount.There are three types of promotional sales:

• Price discount only
• Free shipping only
• Price discount and free shipping

If you select a free shipping discount, it applies to the first U.S. shipping service you selected when you listed your item. The free shipping discount doesn’t apply to any additional services that you selected.

All items with price sales can be discounted by 5% to 75%. The sale price of your item appears as a Buy It Now price anywhere on the site your listings typically appear.
To create a sale from your application, you need to make a SetPromotionalSale request, it takes between 1-6 hours for the sale to be approved, please make sure that the PromotionalSaleID is stored as it will be needed for further execution. To mark items(products) available on your eBay store, you need to make a SetPromotionalSaleLisitng request. You can see the status of sales using
Markdown Manager in your eBay store managment console or you can make a GetPromotionalSaleDetails request, If you do not specify a PromotionalSaleID value in the request, GetPromotionalSaleDetails returns all promotional sales for the authenticated user.

Revising the item price, shipping cost, or both for an item removes the item from a sale.
Sales can be scheduled for a later date or rescheduled once they’re over.
Sales can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance and eBay keeps sale information for up to 15 months after the end date.

If a listing is already on sale, you won’t be able to add a new sale.
For example, if your listing is on a price sale, you won’t be able to add a free shipping sale to that listing.

If you have listings in multiple currencies and choose to discount by an amount (not a percentage), that discount is in the currency of the listings and won’t be converted. For example, a discount entered as “5″ will be CN$5 for Canadian listings and US$5 in the United States.

If you have bids on an auction-style listing, you can’t add or remove a free shipping sale.

You can’t add a free shipping sale if your listing includes one or more of the following:

• Handling cost
• Shipping surcharge (for UPS domestic services)
• Freight shipping
• Local pickup only

Limits to sales in Markdown Manager
Sales in Markdown Manager are limited in these ways:

• The number of listings allowed to be changed in one day is 250 for Basic Stores, 2,500 for Premium Stores, and 5,000 for Anchor Stores. Changes include scheduling, editing, or adding listings to a sale.
• A price or free shipping sale on a fixed price listing can be 1 to 45 days.
• Free shipping sales on auction-style listings are valid until the listing ends.
• A listing can be in only one active sale at a time, but a listing can exist in multiple scheduled and inactive sales. There must be at least 1 day between sales for a particular listing.

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2 Responses to eBay Integration with OFBiz / Opentaps – Part 2

  1. It’s great article, but i want integrate it with magento. it’s better if i get help. Thanks for posting.

    • Prince Sewani says:


      Thanks for the appreciation, well that’s possible with Magento as well, if you want us to look into it, just let us know about your proposal for the same.


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